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Desiinger vs. Future

The Bedstuy, Brooklyn rapper, Desiinger released one of the biggest records in any genre this year with his number 1 song Panda. After being remixed for Kanye West’s Pt. 2, countless radio spins, Hot 97 Summer Jam appearance, parodies, and a vivid music video, the song is still making a lot of noise.

Despite Desiinger’s success people see him as Future’s doppelganger. They say the flow, lyrics, and delivery sound too much like the Atlanta rapper. The irony is Future has never had a number one song in his career; Desiinger managed to score a number one song with his first official single. I was one of the few people in my circle of friends to accept and embrace his music. I immediately saw the potential and why people gravitated towards Panda. In my opinion, Desiinger has talent.


The biggest thing that separates Desiinger from Future is the energy! OK, let’s be honest. Future has a lot of songs that can get you hype but his personality and performances do not match the intensity of his records. March Madness was one of the biggest if not the biggest record rap record of 2015, the song could be played at any event. If you look at the video for that song though Future is sitting down for much of it and displays a laid-back demeanor throughout. With a song like that, you would think the artist would be more hype!

There is nothing wrong with Future being cool and laid back, but Desiinger is already showing that he is a better performer than who they are comparing him to. Desiinger has a bunch of Panda performances on YouTube that are unbelievable. He has a performance where he throws up on stage and keeps performing like nothing happened. The guy was so turnt up it didn’t affect the performance at all. Desiinger also performed at Fader Fort and was introduced by Pusha T. During the performance he threw the microphone in the air then caught it, dabbed, and milly-rocked like he was possessed. Pusha T is not the only one in G.O.O.D. Music moving like he’s possessed. Desiinger never has a dull moment on stage.

Another thing that separates Desiinger from Future is age. Simply put, Desiinger is young and bringing new energy to the rap game. He is only 19 years old and Future is 32; that’s a 13-yearr difference! Desiinger is more connected to what the youth. He has an advantage over Future in that sense. After the kids are done messing with lean and move on to the next trend what will Future do?


Lastly, the biggest difference between these two artists is where they’re from. Desiinger is from Brooklyn, NY & Future is from Atlanta,GA. Desiinger may sound like Future but the swag is all New York. Desiinger’s machine gun flow on Panda is the first example of this. Instead of going for a lean influenced flow, he went all out with the double time cadence and his ad-libs are so east-coast. The subject matter is a little different from Future’s. In Panda he raps,”Credit cards and the scammers/Hittin’ off licks in the bando” Scamming is big criminal activity in NYC ( just ask Cardi B) and you don’t hear many Atlanta artist rapping about that going on in their hoods. Desiinger also has a NYC demeanor and attitude. I give him a pass for being from New York and being so young. Trap music is probably what he grew up on. He has the energy of a hardcore street rapper but the fashion of the millennial youth in NYC. He may gain inspiration from music outside.

I am happy that NY city seems to be making a comeback. Jay-Z is spitting bars again (Drug Dealers Anonymous), Remy Ma & Fat Joe got a hit like its 2004, and Desiinger is showing a lot of promise. Desiinger is good entertainer and I am waiting patiently for the next single he drops. Maybe Zombie Walk will be the next song to take off. While we are waiting to see what he does with his debut album, I am interested to see how Kanye and Pusha T decide to use him on the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Winter (I can only imagine what a Travis Scott x Desiinger collab would sound like). Desiinger and Future have their similarities but they also have differences and because of those differences I think they can coincide in the rap game.

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