Dealing With Self-Hate (By: @TheKabirReport)

Insecurities are normal in our time and this society. Both men & women are under constant scrutiny regarding appearance. You need the right shoes, clothes, hair etc. to get the acceptance of peers whether you like them or not. These insecurities can lead to serious self hating, which can be dangerous to that person and those around them. I think all black people are dealing with self hatred at a point where it is harming us physically. We must look at the conditioning that we have all been through due to Global White Supremacy, that has altered our attitude towards race and skin color. We’ve been conditioned to look at more striking African Features as unattractive, all the while, seeing more European features as beautiful. Wide nose, big lips and dark skin have been made ugly by the media and we accept it as fact. When black men are running after light skin women (i.e. Spanish & Cape Verdean) it isn’t a inherit preference, but a result of social conditioning. The superiority complex of our lighter skin sisters are not their true personality, but a result of various social factors. Parents may treat their lighter skin children differently and boys may give them more attention than their darker skinned counterparts. These things stem  from slavery and the global hatred of dark skinned Africans. And that mentality comes from the the European’s system of racism that they spread across the areas they colonized. You can see the caste system all over South America and a more striking dynamic can be seen in Haiti and the Dominican Republic where the more mixed population of DR sees the more African people of Haiti as inferior. In reality we know that the people on the island are the same, carrying a variation of African, European and Indigenous American blood. People must recognize that a majority of slaves brought from the coast of Africa were brought, not to the U.S, but to South America and the islands of the Caribbean.

The self hatred many black African people deal with is a large factor in all the Black-On-Black violence we see in the community. People that hate themselves looking at others that look like them and lash out. The self destructive behavior many of us live is because we really don’t value our lives, because the larger community doesn’t value black life. Think about how insignificant it is to hear about a gang member being killed in Chicago, or even in your neighborhood. Its routine to hear about the violent deaths of our brothers and sisters.

If you don’t think self hatred is rampant in the black community look no further then the black woman’s hair. African people consume the majority of weaves, wigs, skin bleaching cream and fake nails.Yet, these industries are owned by other groups of people. Our mass consumption of these products are due to generations of being told we’re inferior. Brothers need to understand that the black woman has been on your side through the good and bad. If we uplift one another and fill our children with a knowledge of self which in turn will build his or her self esteem, we can combat this self hate and White Supremacy on a global scale.

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