#DayTrill: The Homegrown Gem

DayTrill seems really simple in theory. Provide great music, find a big space, get the crowd, add drinks, some food trucks, and a few games. But what makes DayTrill so unique for Providence is the overwhelmingly positive atmosphere StaySilent has curated for their events. The crowd, the guards, the vendors are all positive and happy to be there. Everyone involved loves Hip-Hop and understands why we need to hear Alright at ridiculously high volumes. They get why we’re pushing and shoving one minute and electric sliding the next.  They understand that all young people of color are not a monolith. At DayTrill you’ll find kindergarten teachers, financial analysts, podcasters, bloggers, painters, rappers, college students, dropouts, entrepreneurs, promoters, and bartenders. DJ’s like MekaDot and where’s nasty? provide the soundtrack for a day full of reunions, beer pong, dance battles, Swag Surfing… and crowd surfing. Every element makes sense, and outsiders understand what’s happening and why it’s necessary. Jay & Sabrina are our translators.

imageWe all watched DayTrill bloom from humble beginnings. The first one was a small kickback with retro games, a bounce house, and booze. This summer they sold over 1,500 tickets. Although it has grown drastically in the last few years, it maintains the same spirit. Like many of you, I’ve been to a few large Day Parties in other states, but this is different. Because we all grew up with each other, went to the same school, failed the same classes and share the same memories. It makes this so Providence.

Fun. Positive. Hip-Hop.

This isn’t just a good reason to get drunk. It’s the release. It’s the comedown after a shitty work week. It’s the one time your friends can finally coordinate and make plans. It’s a collision of age groups, backgrounds, and affiliations. All hoping to have fun.


DayTrill brings us together like no other event in the city. The fact that we all remember it before it became massive is even more interesting. People have already started comparing Trills. They’re all special and wholly their own. I remember watching some friends play NBA Shootout in the Fete parking lot, I remember singing Father Stretch My Hand Pt. 1 at the top of my lungs with Annie, or jumping in the middle of the crowd when I heard March Madness. The city is proud of DayTrill. That means a lot in Providence, a place full of creativity that lacked the confidence and self-pride to let everyone else know. StaySilent and all the other influencers in Providence are giving us a reason to love a city that’s been amazing this entire time.

Thank You.

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