Damon Lindelof Discusses The Ending Of “Lost”

This is a great interview. The interviewer has a lot of guts telling the writer of Lost that he hated the ending. Damon, one of the writers of Lost, talks about the ambiguity of the ending. He directly explains the fact that everything on the Island was real, and the “Flash-Sideways” were the characters in the afterlife. If you’ve never watched Lost you should, but the ending has received polarizing reception from fans due to the lack of questions answered. I personally loved the ending especially Jack’s final moments on the island. I’ve already written about this being one of my favorite shows ever. With the scope of this show there is no way you can make everyone happy. Lastly, I will say that his reference to The Architect scene, from the Matrix was a great example of answering to many questions at once. Sort of like a laundry list. He does go on to talk about the new film Prometheus that he’s writing which will be out on June 8th.

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