Curl Gawds: Junior Edition

If you follow any curl page you have heard them mention or praise the Curl Gawds. Curl Gawds are the epitome of perfection in the natural hair community. Their luscious tendrils are beyond beautiful. They have the hair that everybody wants. Even on their worse days their hair is slayed. The Curl Gawds are cool and all but these Curl Gawd Juniors are not taking a backseat to any one.

Here is my list of 8 Curl Gawd Juniors!!! They are not in any particular order because they are kids and they are all beautiful and bright and should not be judged too harshly!

First on my list is Cree Taylor Hardrict also known as Tia Mowry’s Son. I have seen Tamara Mowry cry on her Talk Show The REAL over Cree’s hair. I guess not many people are fond of his curly hair, claiming he looks like a girl. But I love them. We do not see too many black males embracing their curls post jeri curl. His hair is gorgeous.


Next up is ChiChiRomeoandMe. These siblings are half German and Half Nigerian and are far from camera shy. Their real names are Ashley, Grace and Romeo. Based in Germany their modeling career is something to talk about. The girls have big hair but they all have bigger ambitions.


The third Curl Gawd Junior is Riley Elle! Riley has been featured on many natural hair sites. She has been modeling her natural hair before she learned to walk. Riley can also be seen on the Mocha Kid Youtube channel where she has many cute videos. My favorite video is on her perfect twist out.


Speaking of Riley’s! Riley Curry is my next Curl Gawd Junior! She has her NBA father eating out of the palms of her hand. She has taken the Kanye interruption to new heights, while accompanying her pops at press conferences. She has no problem saying exactly what is on her mind. Riley has a cute golden fro to match her big personality. I could see her with a show on the Disney channel.

riley curry

Kenzo Lee is a beautiful boy. Son of Kimora Lee and Djimon Hounsou, with his dark complexion and brown curls he is adorable and clearly Curl Gawd Junior Material!


This Curl Gawd Junior is the daughter of the ultimate Curl Gawd Naptural85. Olivia aka Oya is 2 going one 25! I love a little kid that can eat well and nothing comes between Oya and her food. She is grown and has soon much energy. With her mom being who she is, her hair is perfect and her smile is too.


Following Oya is Juelz Smith, better known as the seed of Solonge Knowles. He is definitely going to be a ladies man! He speaks french fluently, I can see the hearts he is going to break. His curls flourish in the sun and I cannot get enough of them!!


We cannot mention Juelz without mentioning his baby cousin Blue Ivy Carter! Blue has given true meaning to her mom’s lyrics,”I Woke Up Like This.” The units made headliners everywhere about the status of their daughter’s hair. But there ain’t enough Carol’s Daughter in this world to tame or shame a strand of hair on Blue Ivy’s head. Mama Yonce and Papa Hov will continue to run the world with Blue in tow!


Next time you praise the Curl Gawd for your flourishing edges or great hair day! Do not forget to mention the Curl Gawd Juniors!

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