Cory & Topanga’s Daughter Cast For Girl Meets World

Rowan Blanchard cast in Girl Meets World

As some of you may have heard Disney is gearing up to create a spin-off series to the 90’s classic Boy Meets World. The show, titled Girl Meets World, will follow 13 year old Riley Matthews going through the trials of adolescence.  11 year old Rowen Blanchard was picked for the roll by Michael Jacobs, the co-creators of Boy Meets World, so I trust his judgment. People may know her from the most recent Spy Kids movie that no one watched. Most importantly will be the role players in this new series. What made Boy Meets World so great was Cory being so relate able , and his amazing supporting cast. Shawn, Eric, Topanga, and Mr. Feeny! I don’t know if you can get a group surrounding your main player better than that. The show will be geared to a younger generation, but I know the 90’s kids will be watching just to see Cory & Topanga. Most of us will be watching wishing it was just about them. Lets see if this generation will love Riley as much as we loved Cory.

Expect a pilot at the end of this year or early next year.