Complications ( By @QCVM_)

Life is so simple

Yet we find so many ways to complicate it.

We feel things we don’t say.

We say things we don’t feel.

We  post pictures of enjoying life

Yet postpone life to post pictures..

We spend hours on captions to capture one of these  building blocks of self esteem by way of a “like.”

We lie.

We lie about what we feel to preserve to how we look.

We lie about what we think to to protect how we’re heard.

We commit ourselves fully to relationships that we are partly invested in.

We don’t strive to invest we strive to impress.

Life Is so simple.

Don’t fear not being accepted, fear being accepted for who you are not.

Don’t fear what may go wrong, think of all that you can accomplish.

Don’t hold back for the right moment, find the moment and make it right.

Don’t leave this earth with thoughts of what you could have done…

Life is so simple.

Let’s life it that way.


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