Guest Blog: College Youth (By: Matthew Doyle)


College Youth

As to the title of the blog

The term youth has various undertones.

Tim had a troubled youth. Grandma is still full of youth. Travel while you are still in your youth

Personally, when I think of youth I tend to draw some sort of connection to the term spontaneous. By definition spontaneous implies a sense of natural occurrence, actions or events free from premeditation – Something that just happens. That something is missing, or starting to become missing, as far as I can tell, from the college experience. Certain aspects of that experience such as a freshman roommate(s) or a biology professor were in previous years left entirely to chance. As the internet continues to develop and social media popularity continues to explode, those days are of the random roommate and random biology professors are no more.


Not only are these aspects of the college experience no longer randomized, they are calculated decisions on the end of students. With resources such as ratemyprofessor.com and the ABC College Class of 2014 Facebook page, the incoming freshman has little question as to what to expect of their first semester professors or their pre-selected roommate met via Facebook. (Well I lied about the roommate part just ask my neighboring suite from last year that started with six suite-mates and ended with three.) Despite being guilty of ratemyprofessor.com, I went random-roommate(s) two years in a row. It’s been enjoyable. I am telling you; live a little bit. At 45 we’ll all be looking for the fountain of youth again so you might as well have a few sips while you’re sitting next to it.

Matthew Doyle