Look4TheWeek – Coachella Gone Wrong!

Talk about a festival fail? Coachella weekend definitely has a way of bringing out your inner bohemian princess or masculine indie style, but sometimes our fav celebs go a little overboard. This year the line-up for just about everything was amazing, besides the looks.

Katy Perry, what are you wearing? One of the biggest artist in pop music today wore a blue dress with a guitar design on it to Jeremy Scott’s Coachella Party and let’s just say this dress did not make the cut. In comparison to all of the funky outfits we’ve seen her wear in the past, this has to be a huge let down for all her KatyCats (btw! that’s the nickname for her fan base). Zac Efron’s girlfriend, Sami Miro was also in attendance to Jeremy Scott’s party wearing a sheer turtleneck bodysuit with a leather Python patch by her very own line Sami Miro Vintage, ripped trouser jeans and a pair of red campero Chiara Ferragni boots. Once again, her social media audience was NOT a fan and neither was I.


Kylie who? Her festival weekend was all bout wigs and swimwear. With all the changing of her wigs, how can you even tell who she is? This Jenner sister wore a Louis Vuitton swimsuit and refused to get it wet along with her multi-colored rainbow extensions.KJLP

On the other hand, nothing beats Justin Beiber being kicked out of the music festival. Justin and his entire entourage were asked to leave for walking onto Drake’s set while performing. The singer was wearing a bandanna neckerchief, Neff bucket hat, black tee and jogger shorts? Try again next year Beiber, because you’re out!


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