Mannequin (600x400)

Anonymous Poem: Clothes On A Mannequin

Note: The following poem was submitted and written by an anonymous writer.

Clothes On A Mannequin

The Slightest Bit Of Carelessness..

Caused The Happiest Bit Of Temporary Joy.

But Knowing The Time Would Eventually Come When She Would Have To

Swallow That Pill .. Drove Her Damn Near Insane.

From The Moment The Pill Touched Her Tongue And Slid Regrettingly Down Her

Throat .. She Felt Her Life Change .. And It Was Almost As If She Could Feel That

Little Heart Beat Slowly Coming To A Stop.

The Hardest Part Was Now Over..

And Joy Now Felt Less And Less Like It Ever Existed..

Maintaining Composure Is Key

As Pain Creeps Up Her Back With Every Minute That Walks By

Twenty-Four Hours Of Emptiness..

Three Weeks Of Suffering & Tears..

Left Her With Days Of Random “What Could’ve-Beens” And Life-Long Memories Of


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