Christian Bale May Be In The Justice League Movie

For those of you who may not know, Warner Bros. has been hard at work trying to get its superhero films together. Disney has created a juggernaut by acquiring the Star Wars series and the Marvel Universe. The Avenger’s made a billion and a half dollars, and Warner is trying to get in on the action by bringing the Justice League together. The problem is that The Green Lantern was bad, and the only good franchise Warner had, the billion-dollar Dark Knight Trilogy,  just ended. What can Warner Bros. do? Well according to rumors they’re going to throw a ton of money at Christopher Nolan (the mind behind the Trilogy), and Christian Bale (this generations Batman) and beg them to come back. This makes sense because if you are planning for a Justice League movie in 2015 Christian Bale is still going to be Batman in the minds of many, so instead of risking it on someone new just go with what works. With Christopher Nolan, Warner knows they have a great filmmaker who knows what he’s doing. It makes sense to bring these people back because on their own they made over a billion dollars twice, without four superheros in their movie. 

This is still just a rumor, but it is interesting to consider.