Chris Brown & Drake Reportedly Get Into Altercation At NYC Club

These Guys Can’t Be Serious Right Now. They Just Can’t, I Refuse To Believe That This Really Happened. Even Regular People Don’t Do Dumb Sh*t Like This Anymore. Over Some Wet, Dawg? Really? SMH. Once Again, The Light Skinned Community Lost.

Apparently Drake The Rapper That Wants To Be A Singer & Chris Brown The Singer That Wants To Be A Rapper (Word To The Homey, Wale) Were Both At The Same Club In New York Last Night & Sh*t Got “Real” …. Not Really But You Get The Picture. It Appears That Chris’ Entourage Approached Drizzy’s Crew & Both Of Their Security Guards Got Into A Scuffle. Then Either Drake Or Some One From His Crew w/ Extraordinary Aim Chucked A Bottle Towards Chris Brown’s Direction & Caused The Injury To His Chin Below. Then Chris Being Chris Gave A Very Vague Play-By-Play Of What Happened Via Twitter But Of Course Those Tweets Are Nowhere To Be Found ….. Or Are They? You Can See The Injury, Tweets & Video Below.

- Via RudeBoyy

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