Guest Blog: Time For A Change (By: Lesly Laurenceau)

Time for a Change

The evolution of man has been studied for centuries. Scholars have spent years researching the human being and their development. They have found that we all have both cognitive and physical growth during our lifetime.  The notion of everlasting change is very prominent in our lives as we grow.  Our speech, bodies and social norms continuously develop and change. As those aspects of our lives develop and change, there is something that must not be pushed aside. That something is our wardrobe.  It should also change and develop just as we do.

All over television there are makeover shows. Homes, cars and most definitely style makeovers are all over TV. So, how do you give yourself a makeover? Well, I’m glad you asked… everyone should go through their closet and purge all the items that you will not and should not wear again. It’s therapeutic in a way, by getting rid of the excess items in your closet, it’s like taking a huge load off your shoulders and a great way create space (possibly for new items) If you have a shirt that was in style or on trend a couple years ago I think Keyshia Cole and I both would agree that it’s time to let it go. That includes old shoes, pants, jeans, sweatshirts, hoodies etc. Many times a wardrobe makeover is done with the expertise of a stylist but it is possible to do on your own as well.  Now for those of you who are on your high horse and think this does not apply to you, then you should check out my friend (in my head) Kim Kardashian.  In the place where she is in her life and the vast amount of clothing and accessories, she still goes in and gives herself a wardrobe makeover (with some help too).  Take a look at Kim K. with some assistance from her beau Kanye West and his stylist Renelou Padora as they revamp Kim’s wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter who you are whether you’re rich/poor or male/female, you are fully capable to make over your wardrobe. As you can see even our friends here at Sorry4TheBlog (S4TB) made a change too. They cleaned up their past look and now have a sleek, modern and visually cleaner aesthetic. The S4TB site has grown tremendously within the past year and will only continue to move forward and develop into an unparalleled site to find all your entertainment, fashion and artistic needs. So do just as S4TB did and give yourself a clean, fresh slate. If you need to know where to find inspiration or about style, check out my two previous guest blogs. I’m sure you love them. Trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you.

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