Zumo Kollie – Carolina Blue

Zumo Kollie is back with his new track “Carolina Blue”. He will also be performing at The Grassroots Effect on July 19th.

“Carolina Blue – Greatness is just like anything else in this world that
grows; it needs to be nurtured, watered at the right intervals with buckets
of inspiration, shielded from the winds of disbelief, held to sunshine of
recognition. Greatness doesn’t just break out of the ground and become the
size of a sequoia, it grows. It starts somewhere. It opens the book, bends
the binding, dips its ink into the well and starts writing its legend, one
sentence at a time. To understand a great, you have to trace him back to
his beginning. And to understand the greatest before he wore black and red
. . . well, you’d have to go back to when he wore CAROLINA BLUE. -Zumo

Last but not least, be sure to look out for his upcoming E.P Elegant A.D.D Vol.1 set to drop on July 20th … He’s working.

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