Caps Off

Caps Off, Now what

So you’ve put in the necessary years and did the work. It wasn’t always easy and plenty of times you had the urge to give up. You could’ve easily said I’m gonna be a rapper/stripper, but rather than give up or give in to the glitters of the world, you went ahead and got the gold, that diploma! The one thing no one can ever take from you. So now what? Believe it or not many people have a hard time answering this question, but why is that exactly? College is supposed to prepare you with the skills that will help you build an empire big enough to support your family. However, why is it that most people finish college and are still left with a question mark looming over their heads. As a student, who plans on graduating soon, this worries me tremendously. It’s bad enough that school just seems like a duty to satisfy our parents, but we cross the stage and hear success stories about college dropout and entrepreneurs who failed academically. Most of the time, even those who do graduate, end up choosing a different path, allowing their degree to sit like an old textbook. So is it really worth it? My generation is focused more on creativity and establishing new ways to express ourselves as individuals. It has become difficult to place ourselves in typical 9-5 careers. We’re told it’s the “smart” way of living in order to have security throughout life, but I’ve seen many people challenge this theory. This leads me to believe a degree is only what you make of it. College can only teach you so much, you can read as many chapters and pass so many test… does it really matter? Don’t get me wrong; a college degree is an amazing achievement. It sets you apart from just anyone and you can stand amongst those that have exceeded and show that you’ve spent your years wisely. Nonetheless, and degree without a plan is pretty much useless. I read today “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Make the best out of the years you put in. Use the college experience to YOUR best ability and branch out and reach heights that were deemed impossible. Regardless of how other people earn it, there’s no right or wrong way, or an accurate duration to figure it out. Just go for it.

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