JuicyByAnnie: Cam Bells: Providence Cold (Listening Party Edition)


So, I was patiently waiting to release this piece about this admirable Rhode Island artist only because I thought he would release his highly anticipated mixtape titled ‘Providence Cold’ (What’s the hold up Cameron?) As you all can see, I couldn’t wait much longer.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to experience the sounds of inspiration in a very intimate  setting. Cam Bells hosted his very own listening party along side StaySilentPVD at an art gallery in the heart of Downtown Providence. I say that Cam Bells is admirable because of the wording he uses to express his music. He makes it very clear that he wants to tell us a story for every piece he writes. It follows who he is as a person and really shows the reality of the life that he is living to send a message, a positive one, expecting that in return. Cam explained it as being “sad” and not really up beat as opposed to his previous projects, but who doesn’t like to hear REAL music?

Now, just a little recap. Cam started singing at the age of 8 and rapping at 12, showing that his passion started at a very young age. He began the event by playing tracks off his last mixtape ‘GBM V2′ just to get the mood going. Cam explains ‘Providence Cold’ as a movie, hence why there is a story to be told. His main focus is putting on for Rhode Island, most importantly his home city, Providence. Striving for the support RI movement is a start, and finds it important to get everyone together from different groups in one building, an act you wouldn’t have seen 10 years ago.

The metaphor used to express more of ‘Providence Cold’, are the messages portrayed making it motivational on life decisions and doing the right thing. First track played on this project was the first half of ‘Ride or Die’ produced by Chris Fame. The inspiration came from artists he grew up listening to, 2Pac and 50 Cent, just to name two, as well as researching Rhode Island history to get ideas on not only the black community but also the very influential Italian community that had a high impact on his life. I’ll call it the best of both worlds. Cam ended the session giving us more from the project with the first record released already, “In the City” produced by Jeff Gore, and “Must Be Crazy” produced by Mike Slick.

Make sure you check out this artist on the rise, I promise you won’t be let down and Cam, drop ‘Providence Cold’ already! Stop teasing us.