Building Your Brand : 3 Key Tips (by @keem0therapy)

After my good friend Mr. Sam Albert wrote that great post about investing in yourself, I figure I would expand on it a bit and speak on  how to build your brand.


Okay, so you’re pumped and ready to go.  You’ve started to perfect your craft and you want to be taken seriously.  Here are three key tips that will help you achieve that goal.


1. Be Aware of Your Image

It is extremely important to always be aware of yourself.  Social networks give us a unique insight into everybody’s personal lives, and although we try not to judge it is almost inevitable.  That being the case, it is extremely important to always be aware of the person that you are portraying to the people.  THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE WATCHING.  Nowadays background checks aren’t really necessary because if someone wants to get a feel for you they’ll just scroll through your Instagram or Twitter.  I’m not saying you need to be stiff, but before you post any picture or tweet, take a second to think make sure what you’re putting out there is not interfering with people’s ability to take you seriously.  This is especially important if you aren’t established yet.


2. Set A Standard

I can’t stress how important this is.  There has to be a certain quality you produce so that  people will come to know and expect.  Quality is extremely important.  You only have once chance to make a first impression.  If someone was to come across your work and there is a lack of effort, you’ve dug yourself a whole and most people will overlook what you put out after that no matter how great it is.  DON’T BE CHEAP.  I know times can be rough but if you’re truly investing in yourself make it count.  Do what you have to do to get started, but the minute you can afford better equipment, get better equipment. That is key.  No Matter how much you clean up a camry you can’t trick people into thinking it’s a benz.  The quality of your work will be what defines you.

Another part of setting a standard for yourself is studying your craft.  Take the time and actually do research.  It shouldn’t be too painful because it’s something you actually are interested in.  It is crucial that you’re able to hold yourself in a conversation among your peers and sound like you know what you’re talking about.  Terminology is HUGE! You need to be able to refer to things using the proper terms in order to be able communicate both effectively and professionally.


3. Have A Plan

Nothing in life is set in stone, and change is guaranteed.  That is just all the more reason to have a plan.  Thinking ahead not only allows you to adapt which is one of the greatest entrepenural skills, it also allows you to track your own progress.  Set small goals, and then set bigger ones.  Trying to do too much at once is the easiest way to get nothing done.  Setting small goals allows you to attack the big picture one piece at a time.  Also the easiest way to not get taken seriously (aside from poor quality), is to not have a plan.  Having a plan shows that you actually take what you’re doing seriously and are putting effort into it.

Now i’m not saying that if you follow these tips you’re gonna become rich instantly, but who’s to say you won’t.  Having some kind of structure just gives you a better chance.

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