Boycott Hamilton…NAH!

Hamilton is a Broadway musical about Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers. This play has a predominately Black cast, which is extremely ironic given Black people are the foundation of this nation and never represented in the context of building the nation. From everyone that has had the opportunity to watch the play, it is an amazing revelation of hope and a retelling of history. Recently, the soon to be Vice President of the United States attended the show and did not leave without hearing a few words from the cast. Please watch (Stop at 1:43)!

Talk about a bold move! As soon as I saw this I wanted to buy tickets to support this show. Nonetheless there has been a lot of backlash from many because Black people are not allowed to share their dismay for a country that has always found reason to step on their shoulders to get closer to God. Boycott Hamilton has been trending on social media.Trump has also mentioned that the cast apologize for speaking up. I do not recall him apologizing for any of his comments over his campaign for president. All the cast was doing was challenging Pence’s administration to step up and work on building America to a place where everyone feels comfortable living in their truth. Why should they have to apologize? Especially given that almost everything that comes out of Trumps mouth is offensive to marginalized populations. How many times has he apologized for his comments? He has poked fun at a man with a disability, created more fear of muslims, stole from the nation by not paying taxes, insulted Mexican people and promoted sexual assault. White Fragility is alive and kicking at the door of every black person that has something to say. I hope white people boycott the show so maybe I will have the chance to see it in the near future. Have a nice day!




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