Booze & Babies (By: @TheKabirReport)

A few new interesting reports have been released recently that say what many of us already know. One mentions that abortions are three times higher among black women, compared to all other groups of women, and the other says that most of the alcohol advertisements target African-American youth.

It’s common knowledge that many Planned Parenthood’s are located in poor African & Spanish communities. It is also common knowledge that abortions are very normal, almost routine, among young women in urban communities. The question I pose is … Why is it this? Why is it that even though these abortion clinics are in the same vicinity of Black sisters & Spanish women, black women are three times more likely to abort their child? My answer is self-hatred … The report states that more than 16 million black babies were aborted, which is more deaths than AIDS, violent crimes, cancer and heart disease combined! This report makes it pretty clear that there is something causing black women to abort their children more than other groups, even groups that are just as exposed to abortion clinics. I will also say that Margret Sanger, the “mother” of Planned Parenthood, was racist and a eugenicists who saw Black people as inferior beings. She believed, as most eugenicist did, that the African race was an inferior breed that could contaminate the pure European race. Planned Parenthood was never put in our community to help us, it was placed to exterminate us.

Then the liquor ads … It’s interesting to think about the role that alcohol plays in our lives. It’s your birthday? Have a drink! It’s Halloween? Let’s drink! You’re sad? Drink! You’re happy? Drink! It’s normal to drink, so normal in fact, that we don’t think about the consequences. We KNOW exactly what it does to us, but we just don’t care. We know it causes us to make terrible decisions, some of those decisions end at a Planned Parenthood. We’re much more prone to engaged in dangerous behavior when we’re drunk, but for some reason we can’t stop. It makes no sense because the stuff is gross, but what do I know? A recent study shows that Black youth are 32% more likely to see liquor advertisement than their peers of different demographics. Why is that? Well, besides profit, I think those in power see how crazy we get when we drink. I have no statistics, but I think you’d agree when I say that most of the black-on-black violence occurs when under some sort of influence. The cliche joke of their being more churches and liquor stores in poor black neighborhoods is funny and sad, because it’s true. We allow other groups to take our hard earned money and get us drunk so we can have meaningless fun. What’s scary is that we see no problem with any of this.


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