Blueprint 4 Community Liberation

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The impetus behind this community event has been based on an observation of the existing climate of racial relations in America – on a societal level as well as  within and between communities of color. As we look at the injustice and inequality in this country  as it pertains to Black and Brown communities in relation to society as a whole, it is evident there are fundamental issues with the Economic, Political, and Social systems in place. To begin to address, critique and ultimately change these systems, we must begin with understanding them.

Thus with this proposal, we seek to create an educative opportunity for the entire community, a space established to explain and engage with the issues of how the system engages with the Black community, how history has affected that engagement , and how we all can create and support pathways for a real change in America.


Without the opportunity to be educated, we’re withheld the ability to be empowered. Thus sprung the idea of an opportunity for a Community Teach-In featuring the following courses/activities:

Keynote Speaker: ( Prominent Women of Color TBD), Building a Community Economy: ( Instructor: Aiyah Josiah-Faeduwor), Establishing a Community-Responsive Political System: (Instructor: Jordan Seaberry), The Roots of Community Organizing: ( Instructor: Kabir Lambo) and a Community Resource Fair.

We are asking for donation is any size for the project. Please head to the GoFundMe Page HERE to contribute.

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