Amandla Stenberg’s Blue Girls Burn Fast (By: @SaltieSean)


Amandla Stenberg! The very name brings memories of this little girl in Hunger Games, and images of Jennifer Lawrence screaming and crying at the death of Rue. Well, she’s all grown up now.

With her acceptance to NYU, she later released a short film called, Blue Girls Burn Fast. It is a coming of age short film focused on Andy, a girl who is trying to find herself while also trying to navigate, friendship, love and family. Andy is a foster child, who lives with a mother named Carol, who Andy calls, within the first two minutes, Rachel Dolezal. Clever — since Carol had cornrows and seemed as if she was trying to be Black. The film opens up with Andy escaping her home and writing a note to her foster mom who later, finds her at a local gas station. She goes home and while falling asleep, Andy leaves her window open and in comes Lea, a girl from across the street. At first, I believed Lea to be Andy’s lover but as the story unfolds, Lea is just her friend. Lea and Andy go out on the beach and their friendship blossoms even further. In the morning, Carol comes upstairs to wake Andy for school and Andy catches the word Cerulean on her wall, with the “Lea” a different color. It’s cute — friends forever you know. Lea’s awkward obsession is shown when Andy’s ‘love interest’ Aidan — the boy from school shows up at Andy’s house while Lea is there. Andy goes to answer the door and when she comes back Lea is gone. Later, Lea comes back and they get into an argument and Lea repeatedly asks Andy if she feels anything. Lea sort of accuses Andy of leaving her. They find their way into a forest where Andy finds her childhood home and while Lea wants to stay and call that her home, Andy just wants to get out and go to her ‘real’ home. “If you leave here, you’ll never see me again.” Lea says as Andy just says, “Goodbye Lea.” Andy wakes up in a cold sweat to find out it was a dream and her wall no longer says Cerulean, it says, ceru__n, missing the Lea.

This movie was creative and it leaves an open interpretation of the relationships. It was excellent, the story, the production, everything. I would not expect anything less from the famous Amandla. Looking forward to Amandla’s future film endeavors. Blue Girls Burn Fast.

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