Blogs: Is Twitter Really The Devil? (By: @SholaBoyTellEm)


A Lot Of People Will Tell You That Social Media Is The Devil (No, Literally Click This Link & See For Yourself) And The Truth Is They’re Probably Right. I Done Seen It All, From Crazy BM’s Creating Fake Twitter Accounts To Blast Their Deadbeat Baby Dads.. To People Going To Visit The “Nigeria” Falls. Yes, I Said The Nigeria Falls, But That’s Besides The Fact. When Utilized Correctly, Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook Is Really The Best Thing Ever. Let’s Face It, We Live In A Day & Age Where We Are Probably Gonna Meet Our Significant Other Through Some Kind Of Social Media Outlet So There Are Certain Precautionary Measures One Must Take To Know Just Who They’re Really Dealing With.

If We Keeping It 100 Right Now, We’re ALL Some Real Deal Creeps. There’s Absolutely No Exceptions To This Rule. Just Think About The Amount Of TL Diving You Do In A Day On Both Twitter And IG, Or How Long You’ll Lurk Before Composing A Tweet Even Crosses Your Mind. I’m Not Even Gonna Bring Up How Many Saved Usernames Pop Up In Your Search Tab, But At The End Of The Day It’s All Necessary. Sometimes You Gotta Know What You’re Getting Into Without Having To Ask The Questions And This Is What Social Media Is For.

Don’t Let These People Fool You And Tell You “Twitter Is Just Twitter” Because It’s Really Not. People Really Judge You Off This Sh*t And Rightfully So. Every Tweet Has Some Kind Of Significance In Their Life, Even If They’re “Just Lyrics”. Every Avi Has A Story Behind It, Or A Very Deceptive Filter. Every Favorite Holds A Substantial Amount Of Weight And If They Tell You Otherwise, They’re Lying.

But Anyways, Here Are Some Things You Need To Look Out For:

Her Username -

This Is Very Important. It Gets Overlooked A Lot Because Of The Avi, But Trust Me, You Don’t Want To Be Dealing w/ Somebody Whose Twitter Handle Is MurdaMami_x3.It’s Only Fair To Assume That She Drinks Henny Every Weekend And Knows The Whole Words To The Entire Chief Keef Discography.

Her Tweets -

If She Constantly Brings Up How Much Of A Good Girl She Is On Twitter, Then Chances Are She’s Heaux Trying To Convince Herself Otherwise. I Could Be Wrong Here, But I’m Not.

Her Avi -

This Is A Very Tricky Thing, Most Females Aren’t Skilled In Photoshop So We Don’t Have To Worry About That Too Much BUT Angling Is A Real Thing And The Epidemic Is Spreading Like A Wildfire. Always And I Mean ALWAYS Find Three Confirmation Photos Just In Case. Preferably Two Selfies And One Full Body Shot. And If She’s In A Group Photo, Always Assume She’s The Ugly One.

Feel Free To Add More, Because I Honestly Don’t Feel Like Typing And You Probably Don’t Feel Like Reading Anymore…..