Blog: What Was This Year’s Song Of The Summer?

As Much As We Hate To Admit It, It’s About That Time Again. The Constant Weekend Events Are Coming To An End, The Weather Is Cooling Off, The Sun Is Coming Down Much Earlier, And Every Time You Walk Inside Stop & Shop All You See Is Pumpkins. Summer Is OVER. The Only Thing That’s Left To Do At This Point Is Quote Some Jay-Z “Dear Summer” Quotes And Then Acceptance Will Finally Sink In. But Now That We’re At A Time Of Reflection, We Over Here At S4TB Have Been Trying To Figure Out What Was The Song Of The Summer (Hip-Hop Wise). I Personally Say It’s A Toss Up Between T.I’s Ain’t About The Money & Bobby Shurmda’s Hot N*gga. Some Will Argue Jeremih’s Don’t Tell ‘Em Record, But I Personally Don’t Remember A Time When A Song Would Come On And The Entire Atmosphere Would Change. Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N*gga Was Doing That All Summer Long. But Hey What Do I Know? Hence Why We’re Asking Your Opinion. What Was This Year’s Song Of The Summer? Vote Below.

Song Of The Summer
What Was The This Year's Song Of The Summer?

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