Blog: The Professor Corria Confidence Index: 10 Things I Like & 10 Things I Don’t Like


What I Like:

  • Andre Drummond averaging 20 & 20 as well as anchoring the Detroit Pistons defense, and showing an improved post game. Dwight 2.0?
  • The Golden State Warriors picking up where they left off last season, where they choked their opponents with stifling defense and then swagged on them on the offensive end.
  • Blake Griffin’s continued improvement has been a joy to watch, especially since he took so many hits early on in his career for not having a well-rounded game. His ball handling and play making have been a joy to watch and his hot start averging 29, 10 & 4.
  • Kevin Durant coming back from a major injury has been nothing short of sensational, averaging 30 points per game on 50% shooting. He is back like he never left.
  • The play of rookies Karl Anthony Towns, Jahlil Okafor and Kristaps Porzingis has been EXCELLENT. Towns looks like a franchise player and Porzingis and Okafor look like a future all-stars.
  • I’ve loved how Orlando has played thus far, they’re a young scrappy team and they’ve lost some close games late, but that’s to be expected.
  • The Utah Jazz have played very well so far despite the lack of a top tier point guard. Their ability to defend as a team because of the presence of Rudy Gobert, with Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward supplying the offense.
  • Steph Curry with the shot boy! There are no words for what this guy is doing, he’s in his prime and he has been absolutely killing teams. His shooting has made it almost impossible to defend this team, he is a tidal wave.
  • I really appreciate the Atlanta Hawks & Toronto Raptors continued excellence to start the year. Not a lot of big names but very good teams, that have talent, share the ball and defend.
  • I love the fact that there haven’t been any major distractions in terms of player conduct. The NFL is the biggest professional sports league in the world and they are always mired in some sort of controversy because they have placed an emphasis of punishment culture. The NBA was branded as having nothing but “thugs” in the league, but as you can see the young men currently playing are great stewards for the game.

What I Don’t Like:

  • The play of the Sacramento kings has been extremely disappointing. They have accumulated a lot of talent, a good coach but still can’t put it together. That place is a HOLE.
  • The Brooklyn Nets have no plan, very little talent, no draft picks and almost no hope. The end.
  • The New Orleans Pelicans are a dumpster fire, and Alvin Gentry is getting off to a slow start. They have to get it together soon because the Western Conference in unforgiving.
  • I think father time is knocking on the Memphis Grizzlies door. They’re a tough and proud team but their run as “Contenders” is over.
  • Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose haven’t played well thus far and I’m not sure if they can play to fans expectations and the expectations of their contracts.
  • The Miami Heat have been solid thus far but their starting 5 lacks the requisite shooting in order to space the floor. Don’t expect a deep run from them this year.
  • The Philadelphia 76ers have their front line of the future and Nick Stauskus was a nice addition but the rest of their team is poor, very poor. It’s disappointing to see them still be incompetent after a lot of years in the lottery.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers are a complete disaster and the sad part about it is their coach refuses to play their young guys heavy minutes. Couple that with the play of Kobe Bryant and Dangelo Russell, it’s going to be a long year in LA.
  • Dwight Howard has been solid but his days as a superstar are all done, he’s taken too far a step back athletically, with no skills to fall back on.
  • The dallas Mavericks stink and are still crying about losing out on DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers keep questioning the Golden State Warriors championship even though they continue to lose to them. To Doc Rivers and Mark Cuban, shut up and just play.


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