Blog: Remembering Stuart Scott (By: Hakeem Ottun)

Sports play a huge role in the lives of many people, especially in that of young African American men. They teach us valuable life lessons and provide role models, however, not always in the way you may think. We have the Michael Jordans, the Derek Jeters but we also have the Stuart Scotts. You see it’s not always breaking records and bank accounts that leave a lasting impression on the mind’s of young men. Sometimes it was just enough for someone to be genuine, someone like us to be themselves, and that’s exactly who Stuart Scott was, himself.


Stuart could have easily assimilated to the status quo of a sports anchor on ESPN when he joined in 1993.  He chose not to.  Every clip he narrated was delivered with such conviction, such charisma, it was almost impossible not to be a fan.  But it wasn’t that which made him special.  He refused to refine himself for the role he held, but instead he refined that role.  He effortlessly intertwined the black culture in which he was a part of, to the sports he reported on every day, making him an icon in popular culture in the process.

Although Stuart Scott passed away to the cancer he had been battling for years, what he passed on to us can never be taken away.  He made it okay to be ourselves, no matter what we do, and for that he will live on forever.