Blog: Dating Down Part II (By: @ProfessorCorria)

Fellas….. Isn’t it exhausting? Isn’t it mentally draining to send that good morning text on a Monday and that girl who’s the apple of your eye doesn’t respond until Thursday afternoon, and when she does all she can muster up is a simple “hey”. Doesn’t it burn your soul like ether when you’re calling or texting that girl you’ve been pining after and she’s just tweeting away? She sees your text just sitting there but she’d rather flirt on twitter than respond to you, slowly crushing your pride. Guy’s be honest, how does it make you feel when you slide in her DM’s, things seem to be progressing, but when you ask her for her number she turns into a ghost, and when you see her at the club you have to refer to her by her Instagram name because technically you don’t even know her real name? You over here about to call her ShaeGetsMoney401 at the bar, while her and her friends point and giggle, and you know the joke is at your expense. There is a simple solution, Date Down.

Date Down? Yes, I said it. Fellas wouldn’t it be nice to text a girl at 5:02 and she responds at 5:04? It’s calming to the mind to know that when you ask a girl out for a Friday night on the town that all you’re going to spend is that Applebee’s 2 for $20, another $25 at the showcase cinema (always in a clandestine location) and you’re still going to have money left over for the Jordan release on Saturday. The alternative is trying to impress “miss high maintenance” by going to a fancy restaurant, spending money on drinks for her and her friends at some expensive lounge because she has to be “seen” so everyone can see how good she looks, then you get left holding your Charles Dickens at the end of the night because she went home with the guy she really likes. Yeah she might look good but she sleeps on the floor and you could start a large family with the DNA in her panties. Don’t kill yourself trying to sway that “Bad Chick”.  Holla at that girl that maybe gets passed over at the club because her looks aren’t quite up to snuff or has a little muffin top, but she’ll pay for Denny’s after a long night of partying.

Pride. Ah yes pride, the male ego. If you let most guys tell it, they have or could have a harem of women, but in reality most nights they’re sitting home strangling their ostrich. All these “Ballers” out here spending the rent money on that sexy female only to see her out with a real “baller” the next day. Aren’t you tired of spending money on gifts just to keep her attention? Wouldn’t it be nice to get treated every once in a while? Find you a girl who can get into some clubs in a small town but if she tried to get into a big nightclub she’s going to be waiting on line until the end of time. Maybe she’s not used to being taken out or acknowledged in the day time and you can be sure that, that Xbox One will be on your TV stand in no time. Instead of trying to separate yourself from mile long line of suitors, get that girl that’s just “Happy to be there”. We all want that sexy girl that looks like an angel when she’s sleeping, but don’t hesitate to take a chance on a girl who snores like an Ox, sleeps in a 4XL t-shirt with a few paint stains on it because she couldn’t find a man to help paint her apartment. She might have to sleep with the fan on to keep from sweating but all that means is that she has more love to give.

You ever see a regular looking dude walking in the mall with a woman who’s homely. At first you cringe at her poor looks, but then you notice homie has a bunch of Foot Locker and Macy’s bags? I mean no guys sets out to find a girl that looks like she used to spray paint Air Force One’s for a living, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Sure she might not look like a winner but she’s willing to make up for it by trying harder in public and in private. For us guys, it does seem like we live in a more reality based world and we make decisions based on logic. And a lot of times we know our place in the universe and we’re not as invested in the fairy tale of love, and we make decisions on our partners based on what we can live with and what we cant. But, sometimes were too slow to adjust to the fact that maybe we can’t have that “Dime Piece” but we could have two 5’s.

As I stated in dating down part 1, the phrase “dating down” can be an ugly term. But unfortunately it’s a reality, we all can’t have our first choice. Sorry ladies, I know you all like to think that you were our first choice but honestly a lot of guys are only with certain girls until they can get on their feet and get the girl they actually want. Just kidding, kind of, but if a girl looks like Baloo from the Jungle Book it won’t matter as long as she treats you like her sun, moon and earth fellas. Find you a girl that’s genuinely interested in you and invested in your relationship, I mean do you know how many dudes lost half their 401k for believing in a” bad chick”. To tie this up in a neat bow, we all want to feel like we’re dating our soul mate, but let’s not forget, the first word in the phrase “settling down” is settling.

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