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BleesNews: Top 4 Most Talked About Celebrity Couples

This year was a very big year for celebrity couples. It seemed like everyone was competing with each other for couple of the year. It was hard to narrow down to four couples, since everyone was so public with their relationships this year. Some of my favorite couples didn’t even make the list, like The Wade’s, The Disicks, The Smith’s etc .. because they just couldn’t manage to stay relevant throughout the entire year. Couples that stayed on blogsites throughout the year, because they had the wedding of the year, just couldn’t decide if they wanted stay together or break up, nasty divorce rumors or the best tour of the year, they manage to keep people talking. Regardless of all the ups and downs these couples managed to push through and end the year together, thats why they made our list of “Most Talked About Couples” of 2014.

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