Black People Don’t Owe Nobody Nothing

In a few months, I’ll start paying back my students loans. As I look at the massive amount of debt I collected over my five years at URI, I’m a bit overwhelmed. The unmeasurable growth, the lifelong friendships, and knowledge I gained while in college is priceless, but not according to the federal government. While crying over all this debt I started thinking about all my friends in similar scenarios. Massive debt with no real gameplan for paying it all back. I thought about all the people I met in college with debt just like mines. I think about parents with incredible credit card debt.

After failing to come up with an elaborate scheme to avoid Sallie Mae, I realized that I really don’t owe anyone. I started looking at debt through my racial lens and I realized, black people don’t owe anyone anything. Context is always important. African-Americans have accrued a ton of debt. Most people take on debt when they don’t have enough capital. African-Americans have systematically been left out of wealth-generating opportunities because of racism.

African nations, and subsequently, African people have little wealth and significant debt because of colonialism and imperialism. The wealth that could’ve been created by African nations, and given to the people, was stolen by different European nations. The practice continues today with multinational corporations.

Because of how much wealth we’ve been denied over several hundred years. All black people should have their debt erased. All black students should be able to go to school on the governments tab if the institution can’t meet the total cost of attendance. All credit cards debt should go away. Most importantly, no African nation should be in debt to any European country or Non-governmental Organization, like the International Monetary Fund or World Bank.

This is one tangible way to compensate African people for white supremacy. This is also a great very to get me out of paying these jerks every month.

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