Black Mirror’s San Junipero Episode Is Beautiful

Black Mirror is a fantastic, depressing, quirky show streaming on Netflix that comes from the UK. The show is an anthology series with different characters, story, and setting every episode. Technology is the connective tissue between all of them.  The show is a cynical look at our dependency on tech and how that will evolve in the near future. Netflix recently premiered the show’s third season and it’s good. All the episodes are interesting but the season’s fourth episode, San Junipero, stood out. The episode starts in the 80s, which is immediately jarring for the show typically set in the near future. But the beginning of this episode was so 80s. I kept watching waiting for the sci-fi twist. As I continued, though, I realized that the romantic relationship between the two main characters was far more important than the twist that finally reveals itself. San Junipero is a virtual world where older folks send their consciousness before they die, or while they’re in the old folks home. It’s about love, the fear of forever and letting go. It’s also a really interesting look at how humans might try to circumvent heaven or hell in the near future. Creating their own limbo in virtual reality. It was depressing, thought-provoking and hopeful at the same time. Even if you don’t watch Black Mirror you should check out this episode.

Here’s the trailer for Black Mirror’s third season.


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