Black History: King Mansa Musa Of Mali

King Mansa Musa was the great leader of the West African empire Mali during the 14th century. This black African Muslim is remembered as one of the most important African kings. Under his rule, the kingdom was able to expand its borders along with its cultural and intellectual influence. The kingdom was rich with gold, and salt, which was in high demand. Under Musa’s rule Timbuktu was able became the center of the Islamic faith. What he is most famous for though is his great wealth. If we take inflation into consideration, King Mansa Musa is the richest man in the history with an estimated wealth of 400 billion dollars. He took a pilgrimage to Mecca that has become legendary because of his large entourage, said to be more than 500 people. He also brought so much gold and gave so much away that it devalued the precious metal for 12 years. He brought back great Arab architects and writers that furthered the Arab influence in West Africa. Obviously it can be argued that Islam has been as harmful to African people as Christianity, but this man legacy can’t be ignored.