The Birth Of A Nation (Teaser Trailer)


The Birth Of A Nation was released in 1915 and is widely recognized for creating many of the black stereotypes in media and popular culture. Black men were portrayed as mindless, sex-crazed and on the hunt for white women. Many of these charactered were played by white men in blackface. Although this movie is overtly racists and anti-black it has been added to The National Film Registry for its #cultural significance.

The trailer you’re watching is for a different film. In 2016, Nate Parker released The Birth Of A Nation at The Sundance International Film Festival. The movie was a passion project that he wrote, directed and starred in. It was critically lauded and was in the center of a massive bidding war that ended with the rights going to Fox Searchlight Pictures for $17.5 Million Dollars (A Sundance record). The film follows Nat Turner, the black preacher who led the largest rebellion in the United States. With a release set for this fall we get our first trailer today.

The Birth Of A Nation hits theaters October 7th.


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