Big Sean x The Coveteur cover

Big Sean x The Coveteur

Personally, I love the idea of The Coveteur. Some celebrities have this greater than life persona and it’s almost as if they are untouchable. The Coveteur allows us all to get a sneak peek into the private lives and better yet, their closet! Big Sean opens his Los Angeles home and gives the readers an exclusive look at his home and closet.

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It’s nice to see what inspires Big Sean in regards to music, fashion and life. He designed his very own music studio in his home. When he was working on his latest album “Dark Sky Paradise,” 96% of the album was recorded in his home. Big Sean has been very successful in music and his latest work definitely shows his growth as an artist.

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As far as jewelry, Big Sean designed his own necklaces. He really liked the idea of having a signature chain to wear similar to the Roc-A-Fella chains.

Big Sean x The Coveteur 6

“The lion is my favorite thing in general. I’m not a Leo or anything, I just think they’re cool. They are fucking gentle, they beasts, they take care of their families, they respect… it embodies everything I want to be. I put a crown on it just to, you know… to make it cooler. I feel like they’re a work in progress I’m always making new ones just to see how I can develop more, make it better.”

Big Sean x The Coveteur 7

Big Sean has a great sense of style. I’m not sure if there has ever been an outfit where I thought, what the hell is he wearing?! He seems to know what works for him and what doesn’t. His network of friends and associates is filled with great stylish people. I personally think it keeps you on your toes when your surrounded with successful ans stylish people. This is why Big Sean is still on top of his game today.

“[Kanye and I] inspire each other but he has definitely inspired me. I feel like he is the most stylish person. Him and Pharrell are the two people I know that are just style icons you know. But me and Kanye are just… I’ve seen his style change so many times, I’ve seen him change the game, style-wise. I mean, I came to him with Adidas way before he was even thinking about it. I was designing with them first and I was like, ‘Adidas is the shit’ and he was like, ‘yeah?’ and then eventually he came over. Before Pharrell, before anybody. I’ve learned a lot from Kanye and just in general, not just from style. Just everything.”

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Big Sean has a mini collection of exclusive sneakers propped on top of XXL Awards. I spied Jeremy Scott Adidas originals, Raf Simons Adidas originals and of course Kanye West Adidas originals Yeezy Boost. Check out what else he has in his closet and let us know if you’re feeling his home… I know I am.

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