Beyonce Wants To Know Why You’re Mad (By:@Oluwaturndown)

For those who don’t know, I am Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter and Sean Carter’s first daughter. I don’t really like sharing that part of my life because once I do, people look at me like I’m weird or like I’m lying or something ( I have the birth certificate so ask about me). Anyway, a day before the Super Bowl Supreme Mother decided she’s been gone for so long and it was time to bring it all the way back with her racially motivated video Formation. The 4-minute video highlights everything from her love for her baby’s coils (shoutout to  girls with severely damaged hair that were making fun of Blue Blue once upon a time) and her husband’s Jackson5 nose. I’m sure you guys know the gist so I’ll just get into the juicy part.

As y’all know, anything related to Supreme Mother will have some hate attached to it. Hence, the quote from the song, “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation“. From the minute Beyoncé used your golden finger, sculpted by our lord and savior, to hit send and scalp closures around the world *adjusts mine*, haters wrote 55 page think pieces on how Bey is using the Black Lives Matter platform for her own benefit and capitalizing on this moment for her own profit. I was shocked! Humans are NEVER satisfied. Weren’t you all the same people condemning her? Saying she didn’t do enough to for BLM and that she shys away from racial topics? Butttt my research has proved that to be a bold face lie. Let’s not forget that my parents donated a whopping $1.5 MILLION dollars to Civil Rights groups and also providing  bail money for protestors that were arrested.  As if that wasn’t enough, she literally pieced together this magically insightful video, but instead of appreciating it for what it is, we have to pick apart everything wrong and make sure in the process, we criticize her.  What do you all want her to do now?

A few things: For the people that are saying that she’s using the BLM platform to gain profit, I ask what exactly have you done for the BLM movement other then tweet or use the Black History Month filter on Snapchat? Another thing, I’m so tired of people reading Wikipedia and deciding they know everything about Giselle. If you really knew her you would know that this is not Beyoncé’s  first rodeo tackling social issues. Oh, and my favorite… Beyoncé does nothing for the Black Community. Kk guys.

Here’s another example: Remember when she donated a whole $7 million dollars for the housing projects in Houston two years ago? Oh, you don’t right? So…What… Are… You.. Saying… Fam!?  I ask again, what have you done other than retweet black history trivia from Uberfacts? Abeg, make I hear word please. Isn’t it ironic that the ones that are”pro-black,” woke” and all these fancy Twitter terms, are the ones criticizing her for a video celebrating her blackness? It goes to show that people are never satisfied and will literally find anything to bring your spirit down to their level, which is at the bottom of God knows what. In the meantime the Formation Tour is sold out so I guess she was right “Always stay gracious, THE best revenge is your paper.”
Stay mad ashy.


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