Ben Affleck Is Batman


In news that shocked the Internet, Warner Bros. has announced that Ben Affkeck will be playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel. The studio hopes that “Batman Vs. Superman” film will lead to a new Batman series and potentially be the genesis for a Justice League film. The story for this film is being inspired by the classic The Dark Knight Returns comic book. I’m also assuming it will take beats from “Worlds Finest” which was the Superman/Batman Animated crossover from the cartoon years ago.

So far there are no details about the plot or villain. Most believe the plan is to have Batman appear as an older veteran who will help the younger “rookie” Superman hone his skills and become a symbol of hope. It can be assumed that another part of the story will be between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent with Lex Luther involved, and hopefully some flirting between Bruce and Lois Lane.

I was surprised to hear the announcement, but Ben has had been on a bit of a winning streak with The Town and Argo. He was in Daredevil, but this was before comic book films became a huge part of pop culture like they are now. This is me politely saying Daredevil sucked, but it wasn’t all Ben’s fault. I’m still excited to see this, but I wonder how a fight scene with Batman & Superman will work after the God-like power we witness from Superman while fighting General Zod.

Superman Vs. Batman (not actual title) is slated for a 2015 release. Going up against The Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Star Wars Episode VII. Hopefully we’re alive.