Batman: Arkham Knight Annouced

The talented crew over at Rocksteady Games has been working hard on their latest project and now we see the fruit of their labor. Batman: Arkham Knight will be the latest entry in the Arkman series, which began back in 2009 with Arkham Asylum. As you may know, Batman: Arkham Origins was released just last October to lukewarm reviews. That game was developed by the guys over at WB Games Montreal. This gave Rocksteady a three year development cycle to bring this game to next-gen consoles. This CG trailer looks amazing and gamplay graphics for the Arkham franchise have always been stellar so expect great visuals when we see in-game footage. Other interesting news is that players will finally be able to drive the Batmobile in Gotham. I passed on Arkham Origins because of the middling reviews, but this will hopefully be a return to form for the critically acclaimed superhero series. Game Informers had the scoop and their magazine will be on newsstands soon. Expect this game near the end of 2014.