The Official Website of BAIT – My Bait Nation


BAIT aka Be About It, launched their website well over a month ago and of course it’s only right that we show them some love. BAIT isn’t just a clothing line, it’s lifestyle and a mentality. Take some time out and check out their site and support. Hit the jump below to head over to the official site.

Be About It is the drive, determination, love and fun people have when they find their passion. We’re about designing clothes that represents that type of passion found when a person has something that brings the best out of them.

​We are a brand for individuals who are all about exploring life, making moves, innovations, and having fun in what they love to do.  Whether you have an idea, interest, hobby, career, goal or just like to live life to the fullest, make sure your heart is in it and “Be About It.”