Baby Names for The Carters

Soooo Beyonce decided to take our minds off the complete and utter fuckery that this fuck President is doing for in his first few weeks in office. Bey is having twins, I know this is the first you are hearing of it! Glad I could be the one to break the news. Joking. Beyonce always knows how to touch our souls in just the right way. On the first day of the Blackest month of the year, Beyonce can literally do nothing wrong. I low-key wish I could be her doula because Bey seems like a doula kind of mother. As her doula I would be privy to all the juice. Like baby names. Here is my list of names for the Carters to consider.

Twin Girls

  1. Off the heels of Blue Ivy, Red Rose Carter and Purple Lilly Carter
  2. They can also name the girls, One Plus One Carter and Equals Two Carter (okay that one was a joke!)
  3.  Destiny and Dynasty Carter

A Boy and A Girl

  1. Jay Z Jay ( the second Jay is for Jr.) and Jay Zia
  2. Roc and Sasha Carter
  3. Bonnie and Clyde Carter
  4. Jay Z Blue and Pink Panther Carter
  5. Tina and Tidal Carter

Twin Boys,

  1. Chris and Neef Carter
  2. Shawn and Corey Carter
  3. Jigga and Hov Carter

Whatever they decide to name the kids, we are happy that they are growing their family. We are wishing for 20 fingers and 20 toes, baby hairs and afros, and of course that Jay Z/Michael Jackson nose!

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