As Birth Of A Nation Flops, Black Television Thrives

What a fall from grace. Nate Parker’s life’s work, The Birth Of A Nation premiered at the super white Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and received instant critical acclaim. The movie was sold to Fox Searchlight for a record-breaking $17.5 Million dollars. BOAN was on its way to big returns and Oscar glory. Then Nat Parker’s 1999 Rape Allegations surfaced, then news that the victim committed suicide in 2012, then Nat’s press tour where he seemed annoyed that the idea was being brought up. It was all bad. The movie made $7 Million dollars in its opening weekend and is looking like it’ll be a massive disappointment commercially. The Oscar glow is gone and the movie seems to be on its way out of social consciousness real soon.

Fortunately, Black TV is thriving. Obviously, not at the height of 90’s Black Sitcom era, this new renaissance is taking black characters and plots out of the typical tropes and turning them on their heads. Here are four Black shows worth watching now.


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Issa Rae’s new HBO is only one episode in, but it’s already gaining critical praise. It’s essentially the sequel to her web series, Awkward Black Girl, and is running away with that hilariously raw formula.


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The classic sitcom family. What makes it work is the amazing cast and the culturally relevant stories. It can only go so far since it’s on ABC, but it does a great job of balancing humor and social issues.

Queen Sugar

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This show is currently airing on OWN and is directed by Ava Durvernay. The show centers around three siblings in New Orleans with different life experiences trying to get along and get ahead. Certainly worth a watch.


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Atlanta seems to be Donald Glover’s life’s work. This is the project he left Community to create, and caused his hotel meltdown. His hard work and anxiety seem to have paid off. Atlanta has received critical praise across the internet among bloggers and Black Twitter respectively. The show is Louie, Twin Peaks, and Martin all rolled into an oddball of comedy and character study.

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