Are Black People Subconsciously Reaffirming White Privilege/Power? (By: Precious)

Black has always been one of my favorite colors, along with olive green, burnt orange and dark purple. My favorite colors are ever-changing, but black has always been a constant. Not only because it is an amazing color, but because it is the lens in which I view the world and move through the world. It is dark and mysterious. It is silent and beautiful.

Progressively, Black people are disassociating themselves with blackness and black culture. This can be problematic, because when you disassociate from something, you do not stand as a single entity. You knowingly and sometimes unknowingly associate with something else, something opposite. So if Black people are disassociating themselves with blackness, what are they associating themselves with?


Reaffirming the oppressive institutional structures that are so rooted in the development of the nation. Culturally, Black is seen as ugly, inferior, and dirty. That is why the media thinks it is okay to take aspects of what is culturally Black, put a white person and repackage it to be a white phenomenon or popular culture.

Boxer Braids?


It is important to understand that being Black is the revolution. It is an act. So we need to stop dissociating ourselves with it and start embracing it for all it is. Be the revolution.



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