#Anthem4TheDay: Ty Dolla $ign – Horses In The Stable

About four days ago, Ty Dolla $ign dropped his debut album ‘Free TC’. Since making his debut as an artist I’ve always been confused about whether Ty Dolla is a rapper or a singer. In an interview I came across, I read that he describes himself as a singer with bars. I guess thats very accurate. He brings that versatile style and he does an awesome job showcasing that concept on his album. When it comes to R&B artist, you rarely see features on their projects and I loved how he collaborated with a wide array of artist to show that he can take his talents anywhere.

For today’s #Anthem4TheDay, I decided to go with ‘Horses In The Stable’. This track is the fifth song off his debut ‘Free TC’, where he uses what I’m guessing, horses in the stable as a metaphor to his sex life. I really love everything about this song and that raw/raspy sound he brings while singing it. Can’t really seem to get this song off repeat. Check out the #Anthem4TheDay below!

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