And You Call Me Colored?

This poem was written in 2005 or 2006 by a anonymous child in Africa. You may say I’m looking to into it, but consider the significance of them calling darker skinned people “colored” and us doing  the same. Think about what you’re saying when you call something “colored”. When you say this you are implying that the object is not original, and that it is a offset of the original. So, therefore, calling the black man “colored” is giving the false idea that the Caucasoid, or the white man is the original man.Its common knowledge that life started in Africa and with this knowledge we must realize that the original people had skin full of Melanin, and a head full of naps or they wouldn’t have survived the harsh sun. Melanin is what gives African people their darker skin. According to the science I’ve heard  the original people came into existence in modern day Tanzania. As they moved north into what we call the Middle East then further up into Europe. They got trapped behind the last of the four ice ages and began to lose their pigment. Very interesting.

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