An Overview Of The Oscars Best Picture Nominations

The Oscars will broadcast live on Sunday evening and we will see some of the biggest names in film rewarded for their accomplishments. Since 1929 The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has recognized the “best” in cinema. It is the oldest awards ceremony in the United States and others like The Emmys and Grammys are modeled after it. Easily the most prestigious awards in movies, The Oscars have the difficult task of selecting The Best Motion Picture of the last year. Movies are as subjective as any other art form, so deciding the best movie of the year is impossible. Last year 12 Years A Slave was the awarded Best Picture, but I enjoyed The Wolf Of Wallstreet and Her much more. There will always be disagreements among fans and critics regarding Best Picture and this year will be no different. 8 nominees are being considered and I’m here to tell you about each of them. I haven’t watched all of them, but some of the people voting haven’t either… So I’m qualified.