America Surprised Me, Again

Racism colors my worldview. I believe that white supremacy is at the core of this country. Within that core, white culture, and subsequently white people, have their own best interest at heart. That self-interest comes to the detriment of non-white people across the world. The Liberal/Conservative spectrum are two sides of white supremacy’s coin. I opt out of this game. I look at National politics from afar, but I don’t participate.

This election cycle was a disaster. White people arguing with other white people about how they want this country to function. I believed that white America would choose the less overtly racist option. I listened to pundits, glanced at polls and convinced myself that Clinton would win this election easily. I didn’t vote (because I don’t vote) and watched as Trump rallied parts of white America that felt marginalized. I was shocked when he won. The only feeling I could compare it to was when George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin. At both moments, I realized that I took racism for granted. Despite all I’ve learned about its many forms (slavery, Jim Crow, colonialism, COINTELPRO), I didn’t understand that racism in 2016 would be willing to show its ugly face like it has for centuries. Back in 2013, I truly believed that white people would sacrifice Zimmerman to save face and keep us calm. I was certain that white America gauged our anger with that lynching and would react accordingly, but no. I felt that way leading up to November 9th. We’re in the hands of a country that does not care about us, but we keep trying to convince ourselves that it does. Yes, the country is racist, but it won’t choose a man who wears hatred on his sleeve. I was wrong… again

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Just to be clear, Clinton is racist. The kind of racism that passes a Crime Bill that destroys millions of black and brown families. The kind of racism that devastates Haiti. Not that kind of racism that does these things, while also spitting hatred in your face.

When white America elected Donald Trump they told black and brown people that they don’t want to hide their racism (as if they were doing a good job hiding it). Trump may not end up being the worst President ever, but he has confirmed the depths of racism that we think about but don’t often see.

I see you now and I won’t be fooled again…

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