Affordable Technology Wiping Out Excuses for Millenials (by: @QCVM_)

As kids we are constantly taught by idealists in to society to chase our dreams and do what we love.  For a while as good as that sounded, it just wasn’t a possibility.  The issue didn’t have anything to do with lack of creativity or lack of  talent as opposed to the lack of resources.  We couldn’t compete with people who had resources to get the expensive lessons and equipment.  The playing field just wasn’t equal.  Today that is no longer an excuse.  Although the average college student or recent college graduate still can’t afford the top of the line equipment, (thank you sallie mae), you don’t need it.  Engineers and innovators all over the world are creating affordable equipment 10x cheaper than some higher end brands, yet still comparable in quality.  Sure some “connoisseurs” of specific fields will pretentiously view your work in a condescending manner, but that is bound to happen regardless.  The key here is that we actually can produce professional quality on a budget.   The time where we could make excuses due to a lack of resources is over.  The internet is the one of the most powerful tools ever at our disposable.  We can simply go on to youtube and learn how to play the piano, master a song or produce a podcast.  There possibilities are endless,  it’s up to us to take advantage.

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