Abrams Directing Star Wars Episode VII

J.J Abrams, the guy behind LOST and the Star Trek reboot, has signed on to direct Star Wars Episode VII. Abrams has stated how much of a fan he has been of Star Wars since seeing the original trilogy as a young boy. Right now his future is unclear in terms of the Star Trek franchise, but obviously if someone is letting you direct the thing you loved as a kid you can’t pass it up. If someone to ask me to direct a live-action Dragon Ball Z movie not only would I cry tears of joy, but I’d agree on the spot. The issue here lies in the level of pressure that has now been dumped on Abrams’ shoulders. People want the magic of the original trilogy this time around and not even Lucas himself can explain what made the first three work so well. Episode VII has a tentative 2015 release, but we should be hearing more soon.

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