ABRA: Lady Musicians, Don’t Sleep

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It’s not everyday you get to encounter a new, young female artist of color! Meet ABRA.


Want that Willow-y Smith vibe with a dash of 1980s Whitney Houston? Yeah, ABRA is just that. Very earthy music that is comparable to FKA Twigs, though not the same. Her lyrical content is fearless and provoking. Ease your ears into this artist with her ILoveMakonnen collabo.

Then, go straight to “Fruit”, asking yourself if you really gonna stand there staring at your WCW/MCM without saying nothing smh??  Her music videos are sensual and appealing to the eye.

She croons in a way that is too real. Realness that only comes out of a dimly lit cafe. A sparsely populated open mic. Just an unexacting breath of fresh air.

If you’re crazy and you know it, listen to “Pull Up”

The quality music this artists pushes out doesn’t stop here. Youtube features videos to some of her most mesmerizing tunes.


“I’m trying to evolve as a human being. If people are going to watch me, I want to make sure I’m a person worth watching” – Abra


Other female artists always worth mentioning.

Kali Uchis is only gonna hit you with the realness! “I Know What I Want” is the theme song for that Independent Woman (c).

tumblr_nx9ijhdsnc1u9vsflo1_500 tumblr_nx9ijhdsnc1u9vsflo2_540

Willow Smith. If you’re sleepin’ on the youngin’ I’m gonna need you to wake up, brethren. It’s time. Long overdue. “Female Energy” lives up to it’s name.

FKA Twigs will enchant you. Listen to “Video Girl” at your own risk.

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