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A Matter of Change

Change is inevitable. As much as we try to avoid it, whether unexpected, forced or necessary;
it is right around the corner. No matter how much some things seem to stay the same, smaller aspects evolve and develop into a different shape that ultimately molds the world as we know it on a larger scale. Certain habits and bits of your routines may fade temporarily, some may resurface and some may die altogether. Humans are creatures of habits, change or anything unfamiliar is unfathomable. What will we do if we are not able to follow the same patterns of normativity? We fear all that we may be leaving behind and what parts of us we have to lose. But, you have to ask yourself, what do we have to gain when we embrace change? 

The only thing we are losing is our comfort that allows us to hide in passivity, avoiding the world.

The only consistent thing in the world is change. Everything is somewhat temporary. Our experiences make us who we are, all that we encounter, and the people that we meet, influence who we become. However, as much as those components have influence on our lives, whether pleasant or traumatic, they are not deciding factors of who we can be. Your life is yours to make, your decisions, choices and some more uncontrollable forces such as emotions. There are factors in this world, pain and grievances that will change you beyond your control, but ultimately, you decide how you react to it. Even the way we love people or show people love, changes. We never quite stop loving someone and we never quite love one person the same way as someone else. But, no denying it, that period, any period of such compromising and assimilating efforts, takes a toll on how we perceive the world and how others perceive us. The once hopeless romantic turned cynic and vice versa.
Change is never something to fear although the thought may be initially overwhelming. Change is difficult because we tend to hold onto what we already know as we feel is an absolute part of us. In some aspects, like I said before, it has had a hand in making us who we are, but who we are is never permanent as we change along with the culture that surrounds us. Change is an open door where life and the true meaning of living is right on the other side. And once change is embraced and we get comfortable with being uncomfortable,  the more doors continue to open. Vicariously living through each other’s experiences and feelings will never suffice in giving you the sense that you have ventured fearlessly through life.
Possibly every human being has experienced a moment in which they find themselves alone or even surrounded by people where they feel uninterested in what is currently happening or what they are currently a part of. One’s body feels vacant as their souls and minds are traveling
through a day dream that seems incredibly far. One might feel a bit anxious for a change of scenery or awaiting for something exciting to happen. That feeling is often called boredom or longing, and I will tell you that saying one is bored is probably one of the most useless things to feel and say. This world is much too grand to be bored. Life is just too unpredictable and vast to declare boredom. 
Life is composed of never-ending checklists one must complete, and standards one must abide by. These checklists which most often lead you to adulthood, can make living life feel impossible as you are still trying to complete what is said you must be. This effort to be what society asks of you causes you to fall in that same routine of patterns and norms I mentioned before. The world, our parents, school system, etc. are infamous for punishing the dreamers and killing the kid in all of us.

Think of change as a chance for a new beginning, even if it is short-lived. Regardless of how stubborn you are or if you are one of those people who will never move away from their hometown where generations of your family has lived before you, change will consume your surroundings. While you reside in your fear and boredom you will surely complain about when a time-your time-was different. Although change can come in both good and bad forms, the times-your times- will leave you behind. Quit playing it safe and invest in something more than just a life’s worth to-do list. Invest in your dreams of climbing the top of the Aztec pyramids, throwing coins in the Taj Mahal in hopes of ever-lasting love, or finally admitting to that person that you’re in love with them. Change can be magical, change can be painful, but change will never leave you bored.

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