A Look At The 6th Annual S.A.W.A Hair and Fashion Show [Video]

This past Thursday, URI’s S.A.W.A held their 6th annual Hair and Fashion Show. In case you weren’t there, take a look at just a fraction at some of the performers and scenes in the video above.

Did you Miss Anything?: Not really… but if you were on campus with nothing to do you definitely should have stopped by. There was strong creativity by the people who put this together and I think the scenes were very good. The models however.. well SOME of the models were a little tacky, not because of their weight, but because some of the outfits weren’t the best and a little too much makeup! It also started about a hour and a half later than the time it was supposed to! … BUT WHO AM I?

Bottom Line: It was a good fashion show and put together “OK”. The creativity was simply amazing. Oh but I can’t front I had some good laughs and a good time.

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