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A Curl Story By: Tahisha

“Is that your hair?!!”

“How do you get your hair like that?”

If I had a dollar for every time a person asked me these questions, I would be a billionaire!! Okay, maybe not billion, but you get my point. I appreciate every compliment that I receive, don’t get me wrong, but people are so fascinated with my hair. As if it is impossible to have curls like mine. I am grateful that more people are aware of natural hair now, even down to my mother. She would always tell me to “do something” with my hair and I found myself just saying “um ma it is done”. As she heard people commenting and loving my hair, she too has come to embrace my curls.

Growing up my hair was always in braids or straight. Once the 6-month mark came so did the perm. Being half white my mother never really knew how to do my hair and neither did I. Most of the time my hair was straight or in a pony-tail. During my sophomore year of high school, I started to explore or should I say embrace my curly side. After straightening it, I noticed I started to lose my curls and that didn’t sit well with me at all, (PUT THE STRAIGHTENER DOWN BABES) this lead to my first big chop about three years ago. I big chopped again nine months later, because I did not like how my pattern started to change (crazy I know).

Ever since then I have been getting trims every six months, remember health over length. Being women, it is easy to get attached to our hair, but there is not any use in holding on to something dead when it’s not going to help growth. Everybody has different curl types so when people ask me what I use I always try to inform them what works for me may not for you. One thing you cannot do is to compare your hair to others. In doing that you will never fully learn to accept your hair.  I myself would watch YouTube videos and go out and buy products because another girls hair results. Honestly, it’s all a matter of learning what your hair likes. I truly live by the less is more motto. Most of the time, I only use two products in my hair. A staple leave in conditioner,  which are Giovanni and the gawds of all gawds Cantu and a custard, Camille Rose or Kinky Curly Knot Today. I know my hair, so I use very little amounts of both products because I do not like the hold regular gel gives or the build up of multiple products. As my hair grows and starts to engulf my face, I couldn’t be happier! Bigger is better in every aspect of life  (ha).

So practice patience ladies!

A little coconut oil rubbing to the scalp and some TLC will have your curls will flourishing in no time!.

Side Note: That straighter that you are so used to is like someone you don’t dig. You don’t want them close to ya! Oh yea and don’t forget to pineapple every night!

-Curl Gawd

You can follow Curl Gawd Tahisha on IG: @tahiisha and on Twitter: @tahw_




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