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808s & Heartbreak: Kanye’s Greatest Style Moment

Just a week ago Kanye West’s influential album 808s and Heartbreak turned seven. Not only was this album introspective in its auto-tuned sadness, and yet, utterly amazing to the ear, in my opinion, its fitting to mention that this time was one of the best in Kanye’s fashion moments.

He rocked blazers and pins and embraced color to the fullest, he sported kicks with suits like it was his job, and was too sleek with the suit jackets. His heart shaped pins similar to the cover of the album, bow ties, and the shades that never left his face set the tone to his effortless look. And, I am sure many can agree that he could take the win as the layer-god at the time.

Oh, and remember the mohawk hair style? Truly missed.


View the gallery below for his best fits.




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